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MINI OLYMPICS: A mix of real Olympic events, plus some fun games of our own enables children to feel the thrill of competition and teamwork as they vie for the bronze, silver or gold medals. All participants will be placed on a team based off of one of three fictional countries that come complete with its own backstory and logo. With only three teams, not every child will be on the winning gold medal team, but no child will finish the Mini Olympics without making his/her way to the podium where they will hear their countries anthem and sing along with pride. Medals are not given out after each event, but rather a cumulative score will determine which country wins the bronze, silver and gold to be awarded at the conclusion of the program. 

Interested in Mini Olympics coming to your school? Reach out to find out how! 

Sugar Maple Kingdom 

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All life on Earth plays out on a multitude of ecosystems, but none as fascinating and diverse as those species that can be found in the Sugar Maple Kingdom. While humans sought to explore and discover, the Sugar Maple Kingdom remained hidden from plain sight.  Today the three realms continue to battle each other not in war, but in athletics to see which is the mightiest of them all. They call these contests the Sugar Maple Mini Olympics.

Which Realm Will You Represent?


Land Realm, Starbright Forest 

 The Starbright Forest receives few hours of sunlight, but can always be navigated by the Low Glow constellation. With its ability to see perfectly in sunshine or darkness, the Felisterio acts as a guide for all who visit.

Felisterio: The legend of the Felisterio grows more grand with each retelling, and equally shrouded in mystery. Two wildcats once fought to make the forest its home and stumbled upon a large, dark creature. They had never seen it before and decided to find out who and what it was. When stopped by the two wildcats, the creature said it had no name, but could offer each one wish. The first said that it wanted to be bigger so that it could see more of the world around him. The second said it wanted the ability to see in the dark so that it could play all day and all night. The creature replied that their wishes would be better together, and the two wildcats agreed. From that moment forward the Felisterio was born. A tall, strong being with two heads, that could stomp, and shake the forest, and see in the dark. The only time they are seen by others is when they compete for the glory of the Mini Olympics.

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