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"Sugar Maple Athletics is a great program for our early child care program. The coaches are very interactive and enthusiastic, which motivates our students to be involved. What we like best about Sugar Maple Athletics is that they are able to create a program that best suits our students' ages (2-5 years old)."

Julia Malayeva
(Director at Baby Steps Day Care Center)

"Desmond absolutely loved soccer class. He looked forward to it every week and enjoyed it so much. From the little bit of class I observed, the coaches were knowledgeable, positive, and knew how to manage and engage large groups of small kids. The classes are definitely age-appropriate and teach young ones the fundamentals of soccer in a fun, non-competitive environment."

Monica Smith 

"Bring them back! Great team of athletes teaching our young ones."

Justine Flores
(Co-Director at Baby Steps Day Care Center)

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Coach Juan has made such a positive impact i'n my son's life.  Shane has global developmental delays,  hearing loss, and is autistic.  At the time we started, he was also non verbal.  Four years later,  Coach Juan is still giving Shane his weekly lessons and has given him so much confidence in himself.  His patient nature and calm demeanor made it possible for Shane to develop a strong bond with him.  I highly recommend Coach Juan for all children because of how I've watched Shane flourish under his care."


What a great opportunity for the children and busy parents!! Cairo loved it!!

Nora Ahmed

"You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the great work."

Sarah Jane Trujillo

Testimonials: Testimonials
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