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Elementary School Programs: Programs

This after school program focuses on teaching soccer skills, developing balance and coordination, all while having a blast playing "the beautiful game". 

The pre-K class is our intro to soccer class that helps students explore the various items found on the field. Through imaginative gameplay and storytelling, children are exposed to dribbling the ball, scoring big goals, balance and coordination and sportsmanship.

The K-2 class does everything the pre-K class does with the addition of learning to properly pass the ball, more ways to move with the ball, and the introduction of real team  soccer being played at the conclusion of class

The grades 3-5 class places focus on learning and using the necessary skills needed to excel in a real soccer game. Half the class works on practicing good habits and learning new techniques, while the second half is devoted to real-time soccer playing.


A mix of real Olympic events, plus some fun games of our own enables children to feel the thrill of competition and teamwork as they vie for the bronze, silver or gold medals. All participants will be placed on a team based off of one of three fictional countries that come complete with its own backstory and logo. With only three teams, not every child will be on the winning gold medal team, but no child will finish the Mini Olympics without making his/her way to the podium where they will hear their countries anthem and sing along with pride. Medals are not given out after each event, but rather a cumulative score will determine which country wins the bronze, silver and gold to be awarded at the conclusion of the program


Our MOVEMENT through MUSIC fitness program for elementary schools introduced students to ideas of music through a physical education type class. Students will learn how to play different percussive instruments, come up with interactive songs, and get physical! Whats better then working out to some music?

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The coolest game on ice transforms to the most happening sport on the hardwood, as we bring the speed, unique skills set, and unbridled joy of ice hockey to a gym near you with: Sugar Maple Athletics Beginners course to Indoor Field Hockey. All participants will be instantly engaged as they learn to pass, shoot and score while trusting in their teammates, and building inner confidence. For those who are accustomed to the game, the program is a wonderful refresher, and a great way to improve on their skills. For those new to game, it is an opportunity to learn amongst friends.


Recess Help

Hire trained athletic coaches to come in and make recess a fun time for all children. With games focused on developing team work and social skills, students will learn through play.

Please get in touch with any questions. We’re always happy to help.

Elementary School Programs: Programs
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