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Our Mission 

Sugar Maple Athletics seeks to create a dynamic and engaging environment for young children to learn, grow, play, and foster a love for physical activity as part of their daily routine.

Our Mission: Programs

How We Make Sports Fun

Each and every time your child steps into a Sugar Maple Athletics class, they are instantly immersed in a safe place where the rules are explained and the format of the class revealed to the children. When children feel safe and included in the activity, they are more willing to give it a try. We believe that all children are capable of performing any and all activities that we present, and we back it up with doses of encouragement while keeping it age appropriate.

Confidence Is Key

Building a healthy layer of self-esteem is a must whenever participating in a physical activity, and our staff will always work to bring out the best in your child by showing tons of patience and plenty of instruction.


Not All Children Learn The Same

Some children are visual learners, others auditory, and some kinesthetic. No matter which technique your child gravitates towards, all of our sessions involve a mixture of all three. Instructions are verbally given, demonstrated by our staff for all to see, and practiced so that everyone can try it before using it in an exercise or game.


Every class brings the imagination of your child to life as our staff creates lesson plans based off of popular television shows, characters in youth pop culture, while exploring the world around us. By utilizing genres that are of interest to children, the games that are played become extensions of their machinations that promote them to become critical thinkers that are engaged in the task at hand. Core athletic concepts that might seem mundane such as balance and coordination, become intriguing to your child as they seek to master it under the guise of the theme.

Why Sports Matter

In an effort to collaborate with day care centers in adhering to new guidelines set forth by the New York City Department of Health, and the Bureau of Childcare; Sugar Maple Athletics has created physical activity based programs that stimulate children, while combating the onset of early childhood obesity that brought about the new rules.

Our Mission: Programs
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