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Age appropriate athletic programming for your little ones!

Day Care Programs: Programs
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This class is designed to develop fine motor skills, balance, and coordination through soccer, aka the beautiful game. Children 18 months and up will become accustomed to everything found on a soccer field: cones, balls, nets, and more! Your little athletes will interact with these items, as well as learn how to navigate along a space built for soccer. Our diverse staff understands how to communicate with kids through the use of age appropriate language, themes, and, games. Your child will discover the joys of being physically active, will become more focused, find a new confidence in their abilities, and will certainly work up a real sweat!


A MOVEMENT through MUSIC fitness class where your child will groove to the beat of numerous kids classics, and a few of our own unique tunes. Kids will learn to use various percussive instruments, while coaches lead the class with guitars and ukuleles. Sugar Maple Kids will demonstrate rhythmic recognition through call and response, identify and respond to fast, medium, and slow tempos with body movement, and, explore physical abilities such as balance, flexibility, and stamina.


From the backyard playground to the hardwood, children ages two and up will be bouncing around with their newfound knowledge on how to play the sport of basketball. A game that seamlessly combines hand-eye coordination, speed, and teamwork will be taught by coaches that understand the nuances of working with kids of all ages. Dribbling, moving with and without the ball, passing, and of course scoring will be the fundamental pillars that every child will gradually learn as they level up in each age group. Every child will have an opportunity to practice with their own ball, and multiple hoops provides instant access at chance to swish it home.


More coming soon!

More programs are in the works! Interested in any specific programs? Just le us know and we will do the best we can to cater to your schools needs.

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