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Hey Everyone! Sugar Maple Athletics is committed in continuing its efforts in being a strong part of the community, especially during these trying times. The "Sweeter Side of Sports" is proud to present athletic videos for the first time ever via Youtube. Watch them with you friends, challenge yourself, create new goals and enjoy with loved ones. Our hope is to release at least 3 videos a week, so stay tuned and subscribe to get notification about when we release new videos. Children ages 2-12 will get new online videos on physical education classes including: fun games from our programs, interactive sing-a-longs's and other surprises.


If you enjoy our content and can, please consider either sharing this free content or donating today. We will use donations to help continue paying our great staff. We are looking forward to being able to connect with you all again and will certainly throw another Family Picnic and Play event when we can! Here are a few ways you can donate, anything helps!


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Welcome to Sugar Maple Athletics, a youth organization geared towards bringing physical education programming to early childhood day care centers, elementary schools, and summer camps. Sugar Maple Athletics seeks to create a dynamic and engaging environment for young children to learn, grow, play, and foster a love for physical activity as part of their daily routine.


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